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Our Core Values are: Reliability, Integrity & Ethical conduct

It's one thing to boast having the connection and knowledge that is required to be the top adviser in the finance industry, but it's another thing to actually have the track record and proof to back it up. Here at Proactive Accounting Group we strive to be more than an adviser; we strive to be your one stop for all of your accounting and finance needs.

In addition to the services written on this website, here is what you can be sure to also get when working with us:

  • Be sure that you meet all of the up to date accounting and tax compliance requirements
  • Know that we truly care about your financial affairs
  • Our services will be catered to your needs
  • Because we truly do care about you and your business, we always offer superior services
  • We will respond to your e-mails within 2 business days
  • You have access to our principal consultant any time during the year to work through your financial affairs
  • We build a long lasting trusting relationship with you
  • Know that we value every client who gets our services

By building that bridge of trust we can provide you with the care and attention we know you deserve.


Our vision

Proactive Accounting Group

Goal: We see ourselves as being the number one trusted adviser in our field. Thus, we strive everyday to provide you personalised financial solutions. Whether you are an individual or a small business, we know that you want only quality from your financial adviser. To be able to claim ourselves as the number one trusted adviser, we are driven to service our clients efficiently and effectively.

Purpose: We know how important high moral values are to individuals and small businesses. Thus, we want our clients to be comfortable and at ease with us. Our purpose is to make you get an honest and transparent service.

Value: Our value will be placed solely on ability to deliver. However, we want to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our technical expertise, integrity, and ethical conduct are what we want our clients to see and remember us by.


We are driven to help you better understand and satisfy today’s accounting and tax compliance requirements. But more importantly,we care about your financial affairs and you personally. By building a valuable and trusting relationship, we can provide you with the superior service that you deserve.

What we offer

Proactive Accounting Group is a practice with more than 10 full time and part time employees. We might be small but we pack quite a punch when it comes to the quality we offer. Our wide range of services provides integrated accounting, tax and business solutions to small businesses and individuals. We aim to be a one stop shop for all of your finance and business needs.

Take a look at this list of services, which we provide for individuals and  business owners:

Proactive Accounting Group


Whether you are a one person show or a business with a small team, we offer the same quality service and advice around you and your business needs. Rest assured knowing that you can not only take advantage of our knowledge but our wide network of service providers such financial planners, insurance experts, mortgage brokers, business advisers and bank managers.


"Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do."     - Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela