Proactive Tax Accountant

What makes us proactive tax accountants?

We work with you to implement strategies to:

  • Increase cash flow
  • Increase profit
  • Minimize tax

We do not however advise our clients to get into risky schemes.

We help improve your accounting system

We perform a Data Audit to highlight potential data discrepancies in the bookkeeping / accounting systems. Balances are taken across three quarterly periods and compared to source documentation where appropriate or integrated systems within Xero.

We summarise key findings make recommendations to improve your accounting system.

We help improve your profit

We’ve collaborated with business performance consultants and developed an Online Health Check, which is a simple online tool for Business Owners to self-assess whether their business is healthy and profitable. The Online Health Check can highlight areas improve operations and increase profit.

The Online review allows our clients to:

  • Objectively assess the business against 10 key business indicators
  • Identify gaps and profit opportunities in their operations
  • Brush up on some best practices used in business
  • See how the business ranks against others in your industry
  • Gain instant suggestions on ways to improve profit

You’ll also get a copy of an ebook – 101 Business Tips

We help identify what’s costing your business

We work with our selected business performance consultants to remove the cloud of doubt and provide you as business owners with a very clear picture of where you stand.

Diagnostic Report identifies;

  • The Symptoms / Issues in the business (eg. no time, no money, long hours etc)
  • The driving Cause behind each Symptom/Issue
  • The Cost to your business of allowing these, along with what needs to be addressed

We help optimise your systems and processes

The cloud and other technology solutions are continuing to develop. We help you implement efficient processes. We analyse financial results and present our findings to you for informed decision-making.

We help you pay less tax

We work with you to plan your tax matters ensuring that you only pay the minimum amount of tax which you are legally required to pay. See our blogs which explain various strategies we use. We work with our clients throughout the whole year to make financially and tax savvy investment and business decisions.

We help you manage your risk

We will review your current financial position, your future goals, specific personal and business circumstances and current business structures. We will advise you the best business structure which suits you.

The most common types of business structures in Australia are:

  • Sole trader
  • Company
  • Partnership
  • Trust

We ensure that you have the right structure in place to maximize the protection of your assets from any future claims by creditors that may be made against you as an individual. We also make sure that it’s an effective tax planning strategy.

Geographical distance is not a barrier for us to look after you. With the use of cloud financial technology, you can grow your business from any part of the world. If you are interested in continuous improvement and wise to the value of proactive financial and tax strategy advice, we’re here to look after your needs.